For the tryp

For the tryp

Essential to put in the suitcase

The perfect outfit for the classic tourist is some light clothes, clear and comfortable, with sandals, sunglasses and bathing suit. For nights out to dinner or a show, it is recommended that more formal, but not labeled, perhaps they like to travel for business, work or some event. Insect repellents, shaving cream or sunscreen are also recommended wear, although stores and hotels have availability of these products. If you travel between January and February or plans to make inroads in mountainous areas, do not forget a jacket or jersey.

Travel tips

Forms of Payment. The wardrobe. The electric current. Transport. Medical services. The water. Security. Cards of Credit. Rent of cars. Vaccines. About the export. The hour in Cuba.
National currency
The national currency is the Cuban Weight that is equal to 100 cents. Notes of 1 circulate 3, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 pesos. Fractional currencies of 1, 2, 5 and 20 cents, and others of 1 and 3 pesos.
Houses of Change (CADECA) enabled for the purchase-sale of currencies by the population. The change fluctuates at the present time between $20.00 and $25.00 Cuban pesos for convertible weight (CUC).

Forms of Payment
In the tourist facilities and other units of service, the prices are fixed in Cuban convertible pesos (CUC).
In Varadero, Long Key of the South, Gardens of the King (key Coconut and key Guillermo), Beach Santa Lucía, Beach Covarrubias and the tourist destinations of the north coast of Holguín the payment is accepted in Eurus. The exchange can be made from any convertible currency to convertible weight. The credit cards are accepted whenever they are not emitted by North American banks neither their branches in other countries MasterCard, International VISA and CABAL.
The convertible Cuban weight has force and legal course without limitation inside the national territory. Those that are not used can be changed to the exit of the country in the bank agencies of ports and airports of Cuba. The checks of travelers are admitted, including the North Americans.

The wardrobe
The wardrobe should be fast, mainly in the summer, it takes cotton fabrics, flannels, shorts, and of wearing shoes sandals preferably.
In winter a slight jacket or a sweter of fine wool can be enough, fundamentally for the nights, and closed but comfortable shoes.
Don't forget to use a cream solar protector and to take some glasses for the sun.

The electric current
The electric teams endowed with round spikes should be brought with an adapter of plane spikes that you/they are those that admit the plugs or sockets of the country. The electric current of use general is of 110 V / 60 Hz, although in the hotels of new construction it is of 220 V / 60 Hz.

The public transportation is faulty and unstable; we recommend you that you move in taxis, tourist buses or on foot if the distances are short. If you want to travel the island the best thing it is to rent a car, our agency offers that service; there are also several offices in the main airports that also offer this service, hotels and points of tourists' affluence.

Medical services
There is not necessity to be vaccinated to travel to Cuba. Most of the hotels have medical services the 24 hours. In the main cities there are specialized clinics for the attention to the tourists.
The travelers coming from countries where the yellow fever and the endemic cholera exist, or those declared infection areas by the World Organization of the Health, they will present a vaccination certificate emitted at least before 10 days and not more than 10 years previous of the entrance date to the Island.

The water
Although the water of the key is drinkable we recommend you that you drink bottled water, which you can acquire in any place.

Nevertheless Cuba is a sure country, with an index first floor of crime rate; you should take cautions to avoid being thieves' victim. For your tranquility, in the streets there are enough policemen to those that you can go if you need help.
When you leave to go for a walk you don't take more money of the one than you need; don't leave disregarded your personal objects. in places with public's mass don't neglect the wallet and the passport, put them in the front pocket of the pant; in the restaurants it always revises the bill; move away from the improvised tourist guides, they are not professional, many ignore the history and the Cuban culture, and they are shown kind to deceive the tourists; keeps your jewels and objects of value in the safe of the hotel.

Cards of Credit
In most of the hotels, stores, restaurants, bars are accepted the credit cards VISA and Mastercard but that they have not been emitted by North American banks. Nevertheless, it always takes cash money for the occasions in that the local doesn't accept payment with cards.
Rent of Cars
To produce a car you should present your passport and conduction license, as requirements they demand the driver to have 21 years minimum, and the conduction license can be international or of your origin country, but with an antiquity of not smaller than one year. I recommend you not to travel at night, and to be careful in the rural areas with the loose animals in the road and in the urban areas with the cyclists. Maintain the car in a sure and illuminated place, and don't leave belongings of value when you are outside of him. The tickets of the traffic run for your bill, and if you don't pay them you contract a debt with the State. To guide you in the highways I suggest you that you buy a map called Guide of Highways of Cuba.".

About the export:
When leaving Cuba, the traveler can extract until bent, loose 23 units of tobacco or in containers, without necessity of presenting any document. To export a superior quantity, it is forced to claim in the store where acquired the product the original and copy of the invoice, and to give this last one in the Customs for where the exit is made. The tobacco, also, it will be in their original containers, with the official qualifications, including the new holographic stamp. Of not fulfilling the essential requirement of licit acquisition, the product will be confiscated him by the authorities of the General Customs of the Republic of Cuba.
The export of art articles that are not patrimonial goods will be able to only be carried out with the expressed authorization of the National Registration of Cultural Goods.
They won't be able to be exported the books and other publications with more than 50 years of having published, the copies of Editions R, or those coined by libraries or other organisms.

The Hour in Cuba
The hour of Cuba is of -5 meridian of Greenwich (standard hour of the east in the United States of America and Canada). Of April to October the schedule of summer it is implanted (the clocks are ahead one hour) to take advantage of to the maximum the solar light.
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