Advisable to move from an end to another of the Island or the Keys, since they don't have access for earth, as Long Key of the South. All the destinations tourist and main cities have airport and air connection with Havana. It is also available the service of air taxi in almost the whole country.
  •         Airports
In Cuba there are 12 international airports and 9 national to what sink around 180 air hints of which 145 are paved, this infrastructure allows the air connection of the main cities and tourist destinations among them and with capital of the country (Havana) with times of flight maxima of less than 3 hours. The international airports are also used for domestic flights.
  •  Domestic flights
In Cuba 4 air companies that are in charge of the air transportation of passengers and loads exist: Cuban of Aviation, Aerocaribbean, Aereotaxi and Aereogaviota; Cuban of Aviation it is the biggest, but old and the one that covers all the destinations of the country almost with regular trips, the other ones are companies of flights charter although they already have some established regular lines. As in other types of transports the foreign tourist will pay his ticket in American dollars but he has the advantage of being able to him to acquire in any moment without wait lines, clear, the advisable thing is always to reserve the passage in advance, although there are generally always available tickets if he pays himself in dollars.
The prices are in a sense, in economic class and for adults, round trip trips cost twice as much and the passage of children smaller than 12 years costs 50% it is important to confirm the reservation 72 hours before the date of the flight and to be in the airport one hour before the hour of exit.
Destinations like Cayo Largo del Sur, Trinidad, Cienfuegos and Pinar del Rio have air connection through flights charter of Aerocaribbean or with flights of Aerotaxi, but they don't have regular exits.
  •      International flights to Cuba
At the present time Cuba is connected directly by air with 33 countries of America of the North and South, Europe and Asia through around 51 air companies, many of them with regular flights. But of 50 cities of the world they are connected directly since with Cuban tourist destinations besides flights to Havana, there are also them to Cayo Coco, Santiago de Cuba, Varadero, Holguín, Cienfuegos, Camagüey, Santa Clara, Cayo Largo del Sur and Manzanillo city.
The travel agencies and air companies provide passage to Havana and other destinations in Cuba from practically any European or American city facilitating the access to the island.
  •        Airlines that fly to Cuba
 Air Europe
Lonja del Comercio
Planta Baja "B"
Lamparilla No. 2
La Habana Vieja
Tel. (53 7) 66-6745
Fax (53 7) 55-4128
Calle 23 Esq. a P
Tel. (53 7) 33-3531, 33-5532
Fax (53 7) 33-3077

Air Europe
Hotel Habana Libre Tryp
L e/23 y 25
Tel. (53 7) 66-6918
Fax (53 7) 66-6917

Hotel Habana Libre Tryp
L e/23 y 25
Tel. (53 7) 55-4000, 55-4203
Fax (53 7) 55-4128

AeroCaribe / AeroCozumel
Calle 23 No.64
Tel. (53 7) 33-3621
Fax (53 7) 33-3871

Calle 23 No.64
Tel. (53 7) 33-5041, 33-5042
Fax (53 7) 33-5061

Calle 23 No.64
Tel. (53 7) 33-3200, 33-3759
Fax (53 7) 33-3288

Calle 23 No.64
Tel. (53 7) 33-3524, 33-3525
Fax (53 7) 33-3590

Calle 23 No.64
Tel. (53 7) 33-4949
      ext. 2320
Fax (53 7) 33-4126

Calle 23 No.64
Tel. (53 7) 33-3783, 33-3997

Air France
Hotel Habana Libre Tryp
L e/23 y 25
Tel. (53 7) 66-2644
Fax (53 7) 66-2634

Lonja del Comercio, Planta Baja "B"
La Habana Vieja
Tel. (53 7) 866-6745
Fax (53 7) 866 6744
Copa Airline
Calle 23 Esq. a Infanta
Tel. (53 7) 33-1758, 33-3657
Fax (53 7) 33-3951

Calle 15 No 654, e/ a y B, Vedado
Telf.: (53 7) 833 3626, 20404194
204 4997 hasta el 98



The access for sea is also possible, since Cuba is an archipelago, and this it can be carried out through the following ones marine and terminals of cruises:
·          Marina Hemingway, in Havana.
·          Cubanco, Terminal of Cruises, in Havana.
·          Puertosol Tarará, of Havana of the East, in Havana.
·          Puertosol Darsena of Varadero, in Varadero.
·          Chapelín, in Varadero.
·          Gaviota Varadero, in Varadero.
·          Puertosol Cayo Coco-Cayo Guillermo, in the Jardines del Rey, in Ciego de Ã聛vila.
·         Marina International Port of Vita, in Holguín.
·          International Center of Diving.
·          Puertosol María La Gorda, Pinar del Rio.
·          Gaviota Isla de la Juventud, Rio Las Casas, in Isla de la Juventud.
·          Puertosol Cayo Largo del Sur, Isla de la Juventud.
·          Puertosol Cienfuegos, in Cienfuegos.
·          Punta Gorda in Santiago de Cuba.
·          Terminal of Cruises, in Santiago de Cuba.

In case the arrival is for via marine, the companies should communicate with the port authorities, before entering in jurisdictional waters (12 nautical miles starting from the insular platform). The communications with the port authorities HF can settle down for the channel (SSB) 2760 of the National Coastal Net and 2790 of the Tourist Net, or for VHF for the Channel 68 for the National Coastal Net or Channel 16 for the Tourist Net.
Basically in the transfers to Isla de la Juventud, there is ferry service that includes transfer of cars, and there are also quick boats, a pleasant trip without doubts.


The means more used in Cuba. Several bus lines exist, the most advisable is Via Azul, located the Terminal in the street 26, in Nuevo Vedado, in Havana that connects all the tourist destinations with the capital with exact schedules, acceptable comfort and prices in convertible pesos.
Another line of trips exists for bus, Stars that it is the main line of bus, in Cuba and gives service so much to Cuban as to foreign tourists, with differentiated prices, it is more economic and it resides in the National Terminal of Bus and it is in the Ave. Rancho Boyeros, near the Square of the Revolution.


Different agencies exist for the rent of cars that offer the service in Cuba, as Rex, Cubacar, Via, Micar, Box Car and Great Car that have agencies in all the tourist destinations, airports and hotels of the country. With the exception of some keys like Cayo Largo del Sur, the Jardines de la Reina, Cayo Levisa, all the other places of tourist interest of the island have access by lorry. This is a good way to know the Island and their people because, in general, Cuba has a net of highways asphalted in acceptable state, and that it communicates all the main cities, towns and tourist destinations to each other and with the capital.
However in the rural highways it is necessary to have much care with the cyclists and vehicles of animal traction that circulate, even at night and many times without lights, it is also necessary to carry to an extreme cautions with domestic animals (mainly bovine livestock and horses) that possibly are loose in the surroundings of highways and roads. The rent of cars can be with and without chauffeur.


A good service of taxis exists in the destinations tourist and main cities, to fairly economic prices. Several companies like Panataxi exist, TAXI OK, Fenix S.A., among others. The prices vary of agreement with the traveled distances and of the car type that chooses.


Although the country has a wide rail net, in general the roads and the park has not been modernized and they don't respond to the European or North American standards; the trains have little comfort and it is frequent the no fulfillment of the itineraries. With everything it is mainly a good means of transport in the long distances; the most advisable is the special train The Havana-Santiago de Cuba. The tourist can acquire the trip ticket in convertible pesos, with few hours of advance (it is recommended one or two days of advance) to the trip, in all the railroad stations, in the office of LADIS.
It also exists the line Casablanca-Hershey-Matanzas, the only one electrified of the country and that has a historical character. It crosses regions of great beauty, for what is a good option in a trip from Havana to Matanzas or Matanzas Havana. Casablanca is a town that is in the riverbank this of the Bay of Havana and to the one that you can arrive, besides by lorry, for a ferry that crosses the bay and that it is also the shortest and picturesque road. It is known as the train of Hershey or the train of Casablanca and has 5 daily exits of Casablanca and the same of Matanzas. The trains are recommended the tourists that possess adventure spirit and good patience. In Cuba all the alone trains have seats, they don't have cars beds neither cars restaurants.


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