Sanitary regulations

Restrictive alone sanitary regulations exist for visitors coming from countries where the yellow fever and the endemic cholera exist, or infection areas have been declared by the World Organization of the Health. In such cases the International Certificate of Vaccination is demanded. The entrance of natural products of animal origin and vegetable is restricted. Animals previous presentation of the corresponding certificate can be cared.

Migratory regulations

The visitor should possess an effective passport or a trip document sent to her name and the corresponding visa or Card of Tourist. The countries are excepted with those that Cuba maintains agreements of free Visa. Tourist's Cards can be requested before the Cuban consular representations. Also, in the travel agencies and airlines. They are of two types: for individual tourists or tourists that travel in group stops. The business men, journalists in work functions and natural of Cuba non residents or that they show another nationality, they will obtain a visa sent in a Cuban consulate.

Regulations of the Customs of the Republic

Before traveling to Cuba you should know some of the regulations of the Customs, I eat for example... to See contained" People that arrive to the country in tourists' quality will be subject to the same general dispositions that the rest of the travelers
Cuba is signatory of the Convention it has more than enough customs Facilities for the Tourism and its national legislation is in agreement with that specified in this Convention.

To the effects customs officers, understands each other permanently for Tourist that person no resident in the country, independently of their nationality that enters to the same one for reasons of pleasure, business, health, pilgrimage, sports, etc. for one period bigger than 24 hours and smaller than 6 months.

The tourists will be able to care as belongings the articles that are detailed in the text of the referred Convention as such, those that will enter to the country like a temporary admission, free of the payment of rights of customs and they should be exporting to their exit.

The tourists will be able to care a slight vehicle of motor temporarily for one period of up to 30 days, and with previous application will be given a term of 30 days more.

The Tourists will be able to care definitively besides their belongings, new articles or used by a maximum total value of $250.00 USD. Until the I mount of $50.00 USD, these articles won't pay rights of customs. The rest, until the one collides established of $250.00 USD, they will pay as rights of costumes 100% of its value.
It is forbidden the import and export of:

You drug and Narcotics; Explosive; Objects, pictures, literature and any other pornographic article or contrary to the good customs; Any article, including the literature that attempts against the security and the interior order of the country; The animals, plants and their parts that Not appear in the Annex. 1 of the Agreement MENTION (protected species or in extinction danger).

Independently of the administrative measures that can be applied in each case, people that try to care or to export some of these articles will be subject to the penal responsibilities that correspond in each case.

It is forbidden the import on the part of the Travelers of:

You plant generating of electricity; Wireless telephones that operate in bands different to 40-49 MHz and 2,4 and 5 GHz; GPS ; wireless fax Teams; Wireless microphones; Phone slates; Devices for nets of data (Router, switches etc); Transmitters and radio,including walkie-talkie; Park and terminals of communications for satellite and their accessories; Freezers or freezer of more than 7 cubic feet of capacity; Conditioners of air; You cook and electric burners, of any type and model; Electric ovens, of any type, model and capacity, including the calls " microwave "; you Take a shower electric, of any type and capacity; Electric pressure cooker of any type and capacity; Electric heaters of water; You iron electric whose consumption exceeds of 290 watts/ without having dewed, or of 703 watts/ with having dewed and vapor; Electric toasters of bread; Electric resistances for irons, burners, heaters of water, etc.

Regarding the Tobaccos:
The export is authorized of until bent, loose 23 units of tobacco or in containers, without necessity of presenting document. If it seeks to export bent tobacco above that quantity (23 units) it will present original and it copies of the invoice of the store where acquired them, giving the copy from the invoice to the customs authorities, of the port of exit of the country. The bent tobaccos will be in original containers, with the official qualifications, including the new holographic stamp.
Of not fulfilling the essential requirement of licit acquisition, the product will be confiscated by the Customs.


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